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Recipes for entertaining friends and TV Sports Season

Finnegans Madrid Irish Pub
We are in this part of the sport season where we are reaching a turning point, where every football league game, or Six Nations rugby match counts, and this special regular NBA season with fewer games counts much more than previously years. In just one week the Champions league starts the final 16 and in month the F1 is back. So plenty of sport action to watch and have a good time with your lads.

Some time ago when I was living in Madrid, I was every sport weekend in my favourite Irish Pub to have a good time and some of the best Irish pubs in Madrid on Sunday and Saturday  are packed with the british Spanish community and also some Spanish that like the Premier League or international Rugby and also to try to improve their English. Much of the time the atmosphere is great, the beer is well served and the food, well the food.. you need to know what to ask for such as sausage and mash.

So when I moved to London I was in the paradise of the Sport Pubs, but unfortunately economic times have arrived, plus the alcohol taxation in England is like you need to manage very well your pub visits, and if you are hungry now you need to add at least 10 extra pounds to your bill.
But don´t spoil the fun, just invite your friends come by to your house, they bring the beers and you prepare your favourites lad´s foods for a much more affordable price!

Burger with pickled cornichons
Cornichons Burger with TV sport program 
Adding the cornichons (pickled gherkins)  and the shallots you will have a burger full of flavours with a good size with much less meat, that means less calories and more easy to digest and also you reduce the burger costs. Who needs a 8oz pub burger?

You need:  500g beef mince –  5 cornichons (finely chopped)  - 150g shallot (finely chopped) – 1 tbsp. parsley (chopped) – 2 tbsp. Worchester sauce – 1tbsp grain mustard – Tomatoes slices  – lettuce leaves and  mayonnaise

1. First is very important that you finely chop the cornichons and shallot very finely, if the pieces are not chopped enough the burger can fell apart in the cooking process.
2. In a bowl mix the shallots, cornichons and beef. Then add the parsley and Worchester sauce. Mix with your hands very well and form 4 patties. Brush the burgers with olive oil.
3. Heat your grill pan until is very hot, the best way to know is hold your hand few centimetres above the pan, when you can hold the heat means that the pan is hot enough.
4. Cook each burger approx. 4 minutes each side, just for make it marked outside and juicy inside.

Remember that beef mince , unlike steak,must be cooked through to kill all the bacteria . Serve!

Chicken Nuggets
Home-made Chicken Nuggets
Even chicken nuggets are quite cheap, it´s difficult to find free range or organic chicken nuggets or find some that animal cruelty is not involve or just only find chicken nuggets that taste like chicken.  This recipe is a tasty and crunchy one with no need of overpowering sauces

You need: 500g chicken breast (diced in 2x2 cms) – corn flakes without sugar – Ground cumin – smoked paprika – 1 tsp of chopped oregano or parsley – 2 beaten eggs- Olive oil to fry.

1. In a big bowl mix the diced chicken with the spices. Season and add 2 tbsp of olive oil, mix and coat the chicken very well. Set aside.
2. Finely ground enough corn flakes for cover all your chicken, if you dont have a blender, put some corn flakes in a frozen food bags or similar, close it and roll over a pin roll until grounded.

Coating chicken nuggets in corn flakes
3. Deep one by one the nuggets in the beaten eggs and then coat in the breadcrumbs.  Shake any excess.
4. Heat the oil, when it is very hot fry the nuggets by batches, be sure they have enough space in the pan. Cook 2 minutes each side. Keep them warm until you finish with the rest.
5. Serve with ketchup or mayonnaise and also prepare some salad leaves even if nobody asks.

Fish Finger
Fish Finger Sandwich
Fish finger is another great snack that the food industry transform in something very unhealthy, the fish if it is a suitable catch is allright but much of the fish finger sold in supermarket hardly have more than of 50% fish, so the problem is the rest.

You need: 700g skinless fillets of cod or salmon – 2 beaten egg – 100g breadcrumbs

1. Cut the fish fillets in a finger size.
2. In a bowl beat the eggs, in another bowl put the breadcrumbs. Dip one by one the fish finger in the beaten eggs and then coat in the breadcrumbs.  Shake any excess.
3. You can deep fry them as well, but for a really healthy snack pre-heat the oven at 200ÂșC, and put the fish finger in a lightly oiled baking tray and bake for 5 minutes each side.
4. Serve alone with salad or in a sandwich with tartar sauce or ketchup.

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