Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Chicory health benefits

Photo by  by chez loulou
 Most probably originated in the Mediterranean, chicory was already in the Egyptian, roman and Greek kitchens consumed in their wild form.  The today chicory started to be cultivated in Belgium only in XIX century. Today, Belgium, France, Holland are their main producers and have also a great market in North America.
The common chicory is white in the bottom with the top of the leaves with a green yellow colour. The red one is a mix between chicory and radicchio. Both have crunchy texture and fresh light bitter flavour.

In the market, pick those chicories that the leaves still very tight and with a golden yellow colour, chicory is cultivates in dark environment, so in the direct light their colour starts to become greener and bitter. Store in the bottom fridge covered for avoid light

Nutritional Facts x 100g

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
251 mg
10 mgc
58,5 mg
322 mg

Health benefits

Chicory is 94% water, for that reason have little calories, fat and sugar content, ideal for keep a good diet. The Chicory Vitamin A is good for the sight, recommendable for people with dry eyes or nocturnal blindness. Also have the properties of the Vitamin C.
The bitterness of the chicory is caused for a component that helps to have an easier digestion.
Also the high folates content (115 mcg x 100g) makes the chicory important ingredients in a pregnant diet.  The potassium content act like a diuretic.

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  1. It is very beneficial for all human health. chicory was in the kitchen and Egyptian, Roman and Greek that are consumed in the wild. I like it, thanks for blogging.

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