Thursday, 20 January 2011


Hello and Welcome! to my first blog experience.  You will find Mediterranean diet recipes and  British food that I hope will help you every day to have a quick and nutritional meal with the products you can find in your local food store keeping an eye on your budget and the environment. And as well some space for restaurant reviews, wines and travel.


About Me

After taking a gap in my IT career In 2008 I moved to England to improve my English language,  soon I realized that in England I can have the same diet at the same cost as in Spain, for that reason I was determined to improve my cooking skills following TV celebrities chefs and specialized press. Meanwhile as I was learning I started to remember the recipes of my mum and the rest of my family that in a way or another always has been related with the kitchen. This blog is related to my roots and the attempt to have quality and nutritional food in a society dominated by supermarket chains and processed food.