Thursday, 1 March 2012

Basque Culinary Center

VAUMM arkitektura has designed the new Basque Culinary Centre. The new building needed to be built in a hilly landscape and the Vaumm studio came with a project full or art and reference to the gastronomy and also linked with the landscape. The building façade  looks like a pile of plates , meanwhile the building side closer to the neighbourhood houses have  a more human look.

The aim of the Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastian is training and research, innovation and knowledge and technology transfer in the different areas of the Gastronomic Sciences. The International Advisory Members have chef such as Adriá, Hattori or Blumenthal. The Basque Culinary Centre has signed agreements with various restaurants at national level with which to collaborate and also have the sponsor of the best Basque and international gastronomic brands and the local government and where you can get a Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts offer by the Mondragon University. Also the Basque Culinary Centre offer course for food enthusiasts



  1. Hola, hola!
    Oye, qué trabajador estás , cuántas cosas interesantes: las granjas verticales, los bokados de Arzak, de los que me he enterado por tí aunque estoy a una hora de Donosti, las recetas de fideuá, bueno, bueno, cada vez me gusta más este blog, gracias por todas las informaciones, kisses for you!

  2. Ja, ja, la verdad que ultimamente no salgo de la cocina a pesar del buen tiempo que esta haciendo por estas costas. Espero estar antes del verano por San Sebastian para hacer un especial. Y gracias por tus comentarios