Wednesday, 29 February 2012

5 tips to promote your Restaurant in Twitter

I think twitter must be the best social network for restaurants more or less because you can find out if your clients are already in your table and what they are saying.  And also is a good way to follow your clients and another restaurant in the area. Lately I have been following some great Chefs, but unfortunately they little speak about their restaurant, I receiving lot information about food and perhaps their style but not much about what is going on inside the restaurant.  I think with the following 5 tips for restaurant in Twitter you can make your restaurant more interesting to follow and also more interesting for the people to go more often to your table

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KitchenVoyage 5 tips to promote your Restaurant in Twitter

1. Expand your tweets. Tweet every day and in an often and quality way can be a hard task. Maybe the best you can do is hiring somebody to write your tweets or a blog. But a good approach is to get involved your staff, from the room manager to the last kitchen assistant, they can produce very interesting tweets under a previously policy and target agreement.  For me will be nice to know for example what you waitress was tweeting in the lunchtime or from where came the oyster that your kitchen staff was preparing earlier
2. Listen to your clients and also make some benchmarking, choose a popular restaurant already in twitter and read their tweets, reply, subject and which ones are the most re-tweet and find out the best #hashtags for you restaurant style
3. Engage  with your clients. If one client tweets about your restaurant don’t just reply with a thank you. Maintain a little conversation with them, ask why they like your restaurant, which are the favourites dishes or find out more about your service or what your clients would like to improve, like more fish in the menu or gluten free dishes.
4. Create twitter lists and share. You should be creating twitter list with your clients, with another restaurant of same area or kind of food and list with locals and food blogger. Then share what they are saying and also you always will know what are they doing or thinking.
5. Tell good histories. Don’t just tweet the dish of the days , a restaurant is a great source of history, you have histories of all your staff, your clients and providers and how interesting is creating dishes for them


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