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Juan Mari Arzak Formula One Food

The last year Formula One season the worst team so for in the competition was the Hispania Racing Team but seems that this year they are going to have a better season. For the  first time the team pass the “crash test”which means that they  will be in the last training season in Catalonia with all the rest of the formula one teams and presumably they are going to have a more competitive car.
Whatever happens in the racing, one thing is very sure for HRT, they are going to have one of the best chefs and their catering team behind them

Recipes for watch the Formula One with your mates

The acclaimed Spanish chef Juan Mari Arzak will be in charge through the catering company Arzak-Bokado of the food for the HRT Formula One team for the coming season.

Sorpionfish puding with fried noodles by Arzak. Photo by 
The Arzak-Bokado chefs will travel with the Hispania Racing Team through all the 2012 Formula One circuit, having  their base in their own HRT Motorhome (now in Caja Magica Madrid) for the European races and outside Europe the Arzak-Bokado will use the facilities of the different circuits.
Juan Marzi was the first chef in Spain to win three Michelin stars and has inspired several generations of chefs with cutting-edge food and now is the first chef of such status that will be in charge of the food of a F1 team.
The chef said that is a great opportunity to promote the Spanish gastronomy around the world and as well a great challenge to Arzak-Bokado catering team.

Juan Mari Arzak recipe of Crêpes with smoked salmon and yogurt sauce and oranges

Juan Mari Arzak Créps, with a Michelin Star touch and very easy to cook
You need for the crêpes:  2 eggs – 40g flour, 250ml milk – 3 tbsp of beer – 12g butter (softened)  – pinch of salt.

1. For the crêpes just mix very well all the ingredients in a blender and let rest aside for 30 minutes.
2. Then add some butter in a pan, add a dollop of the batter and cook  both sides until golden brown. When you are  finished set aside and keep warm. The size of the crêpes should be around 12 centimetres diameter.

You need for the filling: 4 slices of smoked salmon – 6 tbsp of cream – 50g cream cheese – 1 tsp of junipers (chopped)  – 1 fennel (chopped) – 1 sweet red pepper (finely chopped) – 1tsp of lemon juice.

1. In a bowl mix the cream with the lemon and add the salmon slices  finely chopped.
2. Then add to the mix the junipers, fennel and sweet red pepper

You need for the sauce:  36g of thick Greek yogurt – 1 orange (finely chopped) – 1tsp of sugar –

1. In a bowl mix very well the yogurt with the sugar and orange until you have a smooth sauce.

For the serving you need: 

1. Spread some filling over each crêpes and then make a roll.
2. Serve with the sauce in one side of each plate and sprinkle some chopped parsley.

Recipe translated from HogarUtil


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