Friday, 2 March 2012

Terroirs London

Terroirs Is part of a good quality littlegroup that serves some great dishes from Provence with a very interesting organic wine menu it is a short walk from the National Gallery.
The Terroirs wine menu includes wines from Nantes, Rhone, Alsace (Domain Matassa Roussillon) and even the Alps. The organic Bourguevil from Catherine & Pierre Breton is a real find with a really nice finish after the stinky blue cheese flavours from the beginning . Another good option is to try a very nice Pinot Noir from Jean –Francois Ganevat without sulphite and biodynamic production that will fill your palate with rich, juicy and sweet notes of ripe fruit.

Also for me was a total pleasure to find a rare Rioja wine, Gran Cerdo an outsider to the Rioja wine regulation, the taste of this almost unique organic Rioja will play with your taste and mind, but don’t expect classic rioja flavours here!

Cheese selection at Terroirs
Terroirs London offer as well very well done seasonal dishes or tasty French charcuterie, pates  or cheeses also seasonal to have with your wine wines, for me the pork pistachio terrine is divine.

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