Monday, 21 November 2011

How to cook spaghetti in 10 tips

Photo by monteregina

1.       Allow 70 g of pasta by serve.
2.       Cook the pasta in deep pan of boiling water with salt (about 1 litters every 100g).
3.       Add the salt 2 minutes before to add the pasta. 2 tbsp of salt every 400g of pasta is enough.
4.       Don’t add olive oil to the water.
5.       Introduce the pasta with a twist to fall evenly in the pan.  
6.       Put the lid on only for the first minute of cooking , so the water wont lose temperature and will fall naturally
7.       Stir slowly from time to time with a wooden spoon (2-3 times in 10 minutes).
8.       If you need to transfer the pasta to another pan to mix with your sauce, remove from the heat 2minutes before that the packet instructions say.
9.       Don’t over drain pasta, immediately mix with the sauce or add some butter or olive oil to the pasta.
10.   Cook until al “dente”". To test this, remove a piece of pasta from the pan and take a bite - it should be cooked but still slightly firm in the centre. 



  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I`m gonna tweet about your blog!

  2. Glad you liked it Nicole and found the tips useful