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How to book a trouble free Christmas Party

Brighton Sea front offer a lot of options for have a dinner party
The level of hygiene in a restaurant always is very important as well how they manipulate the food in the kitchen, but maybe  when you are choosing your office Christmas party have a special relevance because this time is not just about your healthy is about you team or office and if some people of the team have been sick due  a poor option in the booking that can be a trouble in the future in the work relationship and also with your boss that can see the workload decline given that half of the office was sick at home for a week after the office dinner party. Check out all ours Brighton Restaurants Reviews

How to check if restaurants have high hygiene standards.

When you have decided which restaurant to go for celebrate, before booking go to have a lunch with another colleague to find out how the restaurant is dealing with the hygiene and check out the following recommendations.

1.    The restaurant. Don’t run risks; book early a restaurant with good reputation or places that are used to work with a full house. If you choose a quiet restaurant probably they find at busy times the stress situation makes them vulnerable to mistakes in the food manipulation. Even if they hire enough staff to manage a full house the personnel may be inexperienced.
2.    Check the floor and seats. Rest of food on the floor, dust, spilled drinks or pieces of paper napkins can be an attraction point for bacteria or insects. In any case if they can’t keep the restaurant area clean, you can easy imagine the kitchen state.
3.    Take a look of the personal hygiene of the waitress of the rest of the personal and the common areas that they use like the bar and bathrooms. Arrive early to your lunch can give you an opportunity to see some of the kitchen staff. How they look can give you a good idea how the things are in the kitchen. If you don´t want to run the risk, book a restaurant with an open kitchen and you can have a real look how clean it is.
4.    If you see a fruit flies around that is sign that the environment is not clean and insects thinks the restaurant is a nice place to live.
5.    Check the temperature. If the restaurant is a bit warm or hot can be a problem, high temperature is good for insect and bacteria and is a real risk for certain kind of food.
6.    The table. Any sign of dirtiness in the cutlery, glasses, napkins or tablecloth mean that the dishwasher or wash machine has a bad maintenance. Also take a look to the menu, too much fingerprints is also a bad sign.
7.    The food. Try to book a place that work with local food, just not for the ecological point of view, if the food is local it is mean that was more easy to keep it fresh and less chance to suffer bad food manipulation
8.  The kind of food. Avoid in the menu selection any dishes that contain home-made mayonnaise, dairy sauces, raw fish,  running eggs or dishes that even are properly cook but  are consumed cold like fish-cakes.

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