Friday, 4 November 2011

The Coal Shed Grilled Meat & Fish resturant

The Coal Shed in Brighton
This recently opened The Coal Shed restaurant promises excellent meat cooked to perfection and it does not disappoint - I have visited four times, once for lunch to try the burgers and secondly for a full on meal. On the third occasion we took some friends from Spain to savour the food and drink I defy you to find a better place for steak on the South Coast which is cooked using specialized equipment from Spain . The flavour is awesome and the owner has sourced his meat from a farmer here in Sussex which is properly reared and then hung to mature.  

Very tasty oysters (above). Coal Shed main room (right)

The fish is equally good as the chef comes from Riddle and Finns in the Lanes. On the last visit we had oysters as a starter , beautifully chilled and very fresh with a creamy  taste of the sea. Main courses were steak burgers for two guests while the other opted for fillet steak served medium rare. 

Grilled Burger at the CoalShed
The burgers priced at £8.50 offer excellent value and are the best in the area and as previously stated the meat is cooked to your liking and served with dripping chips. The steaks were a hefty £25 but in my opinion were superb value The desserts are also made on the premises and I can recommend the doughnuts with a Belgian chocolate dipping sauce. The staff are friendly and efficient but I think at busy times more staff would be necessary. The owner Raz  is very passionate about food...and it shows. The room is welcoming and an upstairs private room for small groups has just opened. This is a fine dining experience with the ambience and price - (its not cheap) - to match but the quality and the extensive wine list is worth every penny.


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