Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Red blood oranges and Pink grapefruit a red temptation

Photo by ElvertBarnes
Red blood oranges

Soon blood oranges will be in season in the supermarkets taking the place of the bitter Seville oranges.  I am pretty sure that with the mild winter we had been having this year the blood oranges will be sweeter than ever.  Blood oranges nutritional benefits are the same as other oranges with plenty of Vitamin C for your day,  but the colour is not the only difference  the blood oranges give your body more anti-oxidants than other oranges. The Beta Carotene in this orange covers 2 per cent of your daily recommended Vitamin A intake, Beta carotene has been found to help protect against cancer and aging.
Choose Blood Oranges that are firm and heavy for size and Store in the fridge up to two weeks. The season starts now with the Ruby red blood oranges and finish in April with the even more vivid red flesh of the Sicily blood oranges that grow up in the foot of the Mount Etna.

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Pink grape 

Another citrus in season with a lively pink red colour that is so tempting in winter months. For all the citrus fruits for me this  this has the most peculiar flavour, a citric bitterness with an acid taste mix perfectly with the sweetness. Even though Vitamin C content is less than oranges a fresh juice of pink fruit made it with 2 pieces is enough to cover your vitamin c daily intake and has only 27kcal per 100g.The pink grape variety also has Beta Carotene that benefits your antioxidants levels. Like the red oranges beta carotene helps protect against cancer and ageing and also is well proven that antioxidants prevent cardiovascular diseases. Pink grape are in season until March, in the market pick those that are heavier for their size, that means that they are juicier. United States is the main producer of pink fruit, but if you live in Europe for minimalize the environmental cost pick those from Spain or Israel.

Red blood oranges ideas
Blood orange with soda By - luz -
1. Blood orange Campari x 2: Mix 100 ml blood orange juice with 60 ml Campari. Pour in the mix in 2 champagne glasses and top up with prosecco.

2. Blood orange smoothie x 2:  Mix in a blender 2 blood orange juice with a frozen banana and one apple (cored) and 1 tsp of honey. Blend and serve.

3. Grill Blood orange: Slice in half your blood orange, sprinkle each side with 1tsp icing sugar and a pinch of ground cinnamon. Grill until caramelised.

4. Blood orange sauce for salmon: In a low heat reduce by half 200ml of blood orange juice, then add 2 tsp of honey plus 40g butter. Shake the pan until the butter has melted. Spread over a couple of tbsp. of the sauce over your just cooked salmon fillet.

Pink fruit ideas
Pink grapefruit slice with sugar is a great breakfast. Photo by grongar
1. Pink grapefruit Campari cocktail: Shake 2 shots of Campari with 100 ml blood orange. Stir in 2 tsp of dark brown sugar. Shake again and serve!

2. Pink grapefruit smoothie: Juice 2 pink grapefruit. Remove the skin and the core from a 1kg pineapple and also juice. And juice 2 kiwis. Transfer to a blender and mix with 150g of frozen berries. Blend until smooth and serve.

3. Grill Pink grapefruit: Slice in half your grapefruit, sprinkle each side with 1tsp brown caster sugar and grill until caramelised.

4. Honey Pink grapefruit salad dressing: Half zest the grapefruit, then juice and transfer to a bowl. Mix 2 tsp of honey, and 1 tbsp of extra olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and add 1 tbsp of fresh chopped tarragon.

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