Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Oranges your winter best friend

Photo by Lovestruck
This winter in England has been relativity mild and some of the Hospital has notice a big affluence of patients due the quantities of virus around.  And given the financial crisis and the increasing competitiveness in the job the worst can happen with you is stay a whole week in bed with a cold. One of the best things that you can do for help your body to combat the winter pathogen is have an orange a day. One orange a day covers the daily recommendation intake of Vitamin C by day - Something you don’t expect to be advertised in pharmacies and TV ads-
Oranges  are also rich in minerals (magnesium and potassium) and anti-oxidants and fibre.
Oranges it is believed  started to be cultivated in China and is a possible hybrid between pomelo and mandarin they are available all year around their natural season is from middle autumn until first day of the summer.
Despite their sweetness the orange only has 36, 5 kcal by 100g (around 70 kcal by piece) and also the intake of orange will help against cardiovascular problems and the bad Cholesterol: Low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Their high level of folic acid help pregnant women and the anti-oxidants help to keep young your body.

Seville orange marmalade by Basecadet
Exist several oranges varieties, the British favourites are the Seville oranges in season now and are perfect for making marmalade. When you go to the market to choose your perfect orange you need to look more for the weight than the colour. More weight means more juice. Like another fruits is recommended to keep fresh in the fridge trying to avoid contact between each other.
To obtain the properties of the orange is preferably eat it in its natural state, make a juice is a great option also although you will miss some of their fibre. If you make a juice consume immediately to not lose any of the properties. Even if you refrigerate most of the vitamin will be lost after 30 minutes.
Mandarin, grapefruits, pink grapefruits are also in season and have similar benefits.

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Three Seasonal oranges juices to make at home before going to work

Plenty of Vitamin C in a morning juice. Photo by helter-skelter  
Orange juice with 
Juice 1 grapefruit – 1 orange – 1 lime – and dilute with 75 cold sparkling water.

Carrot and Beetroot.
Juice 1 large orange, 175g carrots, 100g beetroot and 100g fennel

Orange Powerful Smoothie
Juice 1 large orange and a whole carrot. Transfer to a food processor and add 1 unpeeled frozen banana plus one dried apricot and some ice cubes. Blend and serve.


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