Wednesday, 1 February 2012

China Iberian ham

Photo by kisocci
Some time ago the Spanish crown visited China with the important task to open the Chinese market to the Spanish product. China is a country that consumes around 2 million pigs a day so was very easy to think that the famous Spanish ham will be have a great market to explode. So the Chinese government sent to Spain to inspect the Spanish ham producers for health production reason. Apparently more than healthy inspector China sent spies. A few year later China start to produce Chinese ham that look very similar to the Spanish ham, of course produced in half of the time and 10 times cheaper, they use Chinese pig breed but how they produced the ham is very similar process to the Spanish and they will be soon exporting to the rest of the world. As far I read some people say that the flavour is not even close and other that for not expert consumer or new market consumer will be taste all right.
Anyway the Spanish start to fear like happen before with another products that the Chinese Ham overtake the global market , so the Seville University already is working in project through a chemic identification process to determinate the authenticity of the famous Iberian ham and another Spanish traditional food products,  where  it came from and which product has been used.


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