Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Madrid Fusion 2012

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Madrid Fusion once of the most important Gastro Festival in the world is celebrating 10 years, this year the Madrid local chefs are important part of the festival and like always the most important chef in the world, since top of the top like Ferran Adriá, British top chefs like Heston Blumenthal and also the imaginative and controversial American David Chang. Anyway the speaker list is countless and the best restaurants in the world are there, this year with special attention also to the Korean food with Yung Sik Yim like the best option.

Korean Winter Scene by chef Jung Sik Yim
The X edition of Madrid Fusion has the name of The gates of the Future and in just two day the young chefs have already revolutionized the festival. Miguel. A del la Cruz, has shown in their conference how to use, ingredients known for their medicinal properties like white beetroot and he also like to use birch and roots to bring to the table the real forest scents. He show a pine cone that after froze to break the strong fibre, the cook in the grill and serve in wedges with partridge where you squeeze the juices of the pine cone over the meat.
Angel Leon known as the “Sea chef” because he likes to work with plankton and discarded fishes spoke about sea-food sausages and finishes showing to the audience an exceptional dish that he is working that recreate the wave’s movement in a soup dish.
Even Madrid Fusion seems like a high-tech food laboratory they also have space for the trendy mobile food, sharing table restaurants and of course tapas. Enofusion is where the main Spanish vineyard will show the best wines that they can produce.

Honour to Martin Berasategui 
Also yesterday the three Michelin star chef Martin Berasategui got very emotional when their best student (Josean Alija from Nerua-Guggenheim, Íñigo Lavado , Pepe Rodríguez Rey, TV start David de Jorge, etc.) honour him.
Today Anna Balluard owner of the traditional Baluard bakery in Barcelona give something to thinks to the top restaurant “Why not offer a bread menu in the same way that you have a wine menu”

Madrid Fusion is only for professional and real food lovers, the ticket cost 400 euros, but also you can enjoy of the best food in the street of Madrid with the Gastrofestival where you can taste the food and tapas of the best restaurants, find food and art exhibitions and go to the cinema for watch food movies in the oldest Madrid Cinema.

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