Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ferran Adria Interview

Ferran Adriá is the special guest of Matador Ñ
Chef Ferran Adrià is coming back to the public eye after he is having a creativity gap. A few days ago he was on a morning talk show on one of the main public Spanish channels. The legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adrià is in a moment of transition, after the closure of his restaurant El Bulli, but in the interview he show us that his creative side is very much alive . I would like some of the thoughts and phrases in the program for those that can understand Spanish.

* Be successful is a mix between "liberty, passion and risk

* I have been traveling around the world to see how were the world affairs, in the gastronomic point of view and also in the social economic.

* I have around 400 interviews the last 5 months in Argentina, Peking or Peru and nobody asked me about the crisis"

* The fried egg is a masterpiece, the fried egg is the best liquid ravioli of the world, also a runny Spanish omelette is a masterpiece

* You can yourself reinvent every year, for that I need to have a gap with El Bulli

* El Bulli is not me, is the 2500 people that has worked.

* We need to validate the private sponsorship in the Spanish society

* With the Bulli foundation I would like to think that in 30- 50 years will be a place that comes up with world-wide talents.


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