Monday, 23 January 2012

Celebration Dragon Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, yesterday in Liverpool (UK) by Ruth_W
Happy Dragon Chinese New Year!! 

Today is celebrating the Year of the Dragon, and today we join to large Chinese community in England and other European countries because always is a good excuse gather together with family and friends where food is always the centre of the celebration. We went to celebrate to our favourite Chinese restaurant in Brighton,  fully packed with british Chinese food lovers and like always in China Garden with plenty of members of the Chinese community.

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Chinese New Year will be celebrated in London  the 29 of January. 
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Sometimes Chinese food can be wrong associates as a very spicy food for the English taste, but really the essential of the Chinese traditional food is a mix between spicy, mild and sweet.
Today we went for a seafood selection of dishes with plenty of greens!
The back tables of China Garden don't offer you the Brighton sea front views, but are very cosy and very well attended

Our first dish were very crunchy deep fry prawns cooked in their own shell and with plenty of red chilli and spring onions. A smooth Chinese beer is the perfect drink for refresh the lively taste.

Steam fresh Scallops from Brighton and Hove fish market were sweet, juicy and tender served with a very crisp broccoli, adding extra crunchiness and freshness to the dish

To finish they offer us the option to have a whole Sea Bream a traditional and auspicious dish for the new Year or this fantastic mushroom topped with mince king prawns and white egg sauce and my favourite Chinese vegetable, Pak choi, stir fried Chinese vegetable are just real delicacies.

After this generous meal with a cost of 30 pounds each with drinks and service included, always is good idea stretch your legs in the Brighton Sea front, instead to go to central Brighton head to the Brighton City Hall and discover the architectural gems of the Brighton Sea front.Just opposite China Garden Restaurant is the famous Brighton West Pier.

Band Stand, Brighton 

Adelaide Crescent, Brighton

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  1. Those crunchy deep fried prawns look sensational!

    1. They were very testy and really crunchy, not for everybody but a real delicatessen!

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