Friday, 9 March 2012

Japan elderly food

Stylish Japanese old lady, the new food industry target
Food Japanese companies, like House Foods Corp. and other great manufacturers are exclusive food product for elderly Japanese people and for people that require medical care, focusing in  quality to please the taste of the eldest . The ageing of the Japanese population is well known worldwide and now has become the target of the food companies. In October, House Foods sent low protein meals for patients with renal diseases. The company tries to duplicate its line of products for old and ill people, reaching 25 articles this year.
Another company Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd. also began to sell in Tokyo food for patients who require medical care, the dishes conserve the shape of the conventional foods but that they are sufficiently smooth to eat without chewing.
At the same time, Kewpie Corp., decided in September to lower the prices in 20 of its 49 products specifically designed for those adults who receive medical attention.
The Japanese food market for elderly people has reach already the £ 834.3067 (U$1322) numbers that will be increasing given the natural ageing of the Japanese population


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