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Spanish Sandwiches

Spanish Sandwiches (I)

Sandwich Mixto or Sandwich Bikini
Without doubt the more popular sandwich in Spain. Served in most of the Spanish food bar around the country, also known in Catalonia as Bikini Sandwich, because was made in the famous dancing club Bikini

Ingredients:  2 slices sandwich bread. Spread butter – York ham – cheese sandwich.
1. Spread butter for both side of each slice of bread.
2. Take one of the bread slices and top with one slice of your favourite cheese, then 2 of ham and finish it with another cheese slice and close it.
3. Now toast both side of the bread in a hot non-stick pan until the cheese start to melting.

Vip Club.

Cooking the Vip Sandwich

Vip Sandwich with fires

The VIP restaurant chain is the favourite of the Madrid people, and until sometime was the place for have the best American dining style with a very Spanish touch. Their cheese cake, and pancakes were a decade ago a really hit like their more popular sandwich the VIP club. Today they still are, but some old fans like me start to abandon the ship, their big chain expansion, drop of quality and services are a problem. Anyway if you are around one is always better option than the American burger chain. In the Neptune fountain near Prado and Thyssen museum you can find one.

Ingredients:  2 slices of bacon, 1 chicken fillet, York ham, cheese sandwich, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. 3 slices sandwich bread.
1. Cook the chicken fillet in a frying pan with a tbsp. of olive oil. Season.
2. In  a grilled pan toast your bread in both side
3. Remove the chicken when is ready and in the same pan cook the bacon.
4. Now take one bread slice and spread a little mayonnaise, top with shredded lettuce and a nice slice of tomato.
5. Next top with the York ham, cheese and add a second slice of bread and again top with the chicken fillet and bacon. Close it with the 3rd slice of bread.
6. The tricky part is cut the sandwich.  In the popular Madrid restaurant chain VIP, they cut in a half and again they cut in another half, making 4 little triangles. Each one is helped with a cocktail stick.
7. Serve with French fries!!

Chicken and asparagus sandwich.

Ingredients: 2 slices bread sandwich – 1 chicken fillet – 2-3 green asparagus – 2 slices Spanish ham. 2 thin slices manchego cheese.
1. Cook in salty boiling water your green asparagus until tender (5-7 minutes)
2. Cook your chicken fillet in a frying pan with 1 tbsp. olive oil.
3. When you finish with the chicken in the same pan cook and extra minutes the asparagus so they can have some extra flavour.
4. Then prepare the sandwich, first spread some butter in one of the bread slices, top with the chicken, asparagus, ham and cheese and close it!

Gouda cheese, courgette and ham sandwich.

Gouda  courgette and ham sandwich
Ingredients: 2 slices of bread – 3 slices of York ham, 2 slices of Gouda cheese – 2 thin lengthways slices of courgettes. Mayonnaise (or ali-oli sauce) – Parsley.
1. Make the courgette lengthways slices with a cheese cutter or similar. Brush in both side with olive oil and cook for a couple of minutes each side in a hot grilled pan.
2. Now make the sandwich, putting first the courgette over the bread, and then cheese, ham and finish it with the mayonnaise and chopped parsley. Taste great as well with ali-oli.

Rodilla walnuts and cream cheese sandwich.

Rodilla Sandwich Shop
Rodilla is the most famous Spanish sandwich chain, even you can find some surprising combination and tasty bites like the fig sandwich (sorry I didn’t find the recipe) for those that came  from countries with a more sandwich tradition will be a little disappointed, anyway I bring to you one of the  more popular, the walnuts sandwich. I am afraid that the cream that they use is more industrial and more a kind of béchamel sauce with extra mayonnaise and complicate to know what is inside, so I make a simpler mix.

Ingredients: 2 bread sandwich slices – 100g chopped walnuts – 100g cream cheese -3 tbsp of spread butter.
Method: In a little bowl mix very well the cheese and the butter, then add the walnuts and mix again. Season with a pinch of pepper and spread on the bread!


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