Saturday, 29 October 2011

New Blog Recipes

Blogosphere Recipes is a new space for archive, cook and comments about the best ideas or recipes I came across through the week.

My first blog recipes must to be from my favourite Spanish food blog el Comidista, Mikel López Iturriaga a Spanish journalist start a few years ago a food blog named Ondakín such was his success that now is writing a new blog in the most popular newspaper in Spain. Easy and tasty recipes, restaurant review and any connection with food appear in their blog. If I need to label him, he is the Spanish version of Mark Bittman.

Here I share and I translated for you their fig salad, that was perfect for using my fig leftovers from my tomatoes and fig soup that I needed to cook for the next week special autumn soups.

Fig Salad.

My fig salad
Ingredients for 4 serve.
400 gr of watercress – 8-12 figs depending of the size – 200g feta cheese – 100g cherry tomatoes – 3cm rosemary sprig – 1 zest lemon (peeled) – Extra virgin Olive oil

1. Peel a piece of lemon zest ( Little less than half) . Peel the figs.
2. Heat the olive oil with low heat in a small pan. When it is hot (is not needed to start to smoke) remove from the heat and stir in the rosemary and lemon zest. Cover and infusion by 3 or 4 minutes. Remove the rosemary to avoid too much flavour.
3. Spread the watercress in a serving dish. Mix with the little tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper (salt lighty because the feta cheese is salty) . Scatter over the figs in big pieces and the feta cheese crumbled. Remove the lemon zest from the olive oil once colder and dress the salad. Serve.

Also you can do it with another green leaves. Yesterday I made it again with rocket, watercress and spinach leaves and was even much better!

In Spanish:



  1. ¿La versión española de Mark Bittman? Uauuuu... eso es lo más bonito que me han dicho en mi vida. Mil gracias por hacer mi receta, un honor :-)

  2. Gracias a ti Mikel por compartir tus recetas y deleitarnos con tu blog. Saludos