Thursday, 7 July 2011

Spanish food Industry and Government ashamed

Spanish Environment Ministry Headquarters by Tobias
 We know by now by sure that the Spanish cucumber wasn´t contaminated with E.coli but in the last month the Spanish food industry and the Government was shocked by two cases: the poor quality of Spanish Milk where several top brands aren't any more recommended to drink and the even worst case where the The Spanish Government hid for 7 years a study of toxins in fish, where fish species like swordfish not only has high content in mercury but also a high content in cadmium a metallic element used in electroplating, alloys, and as a neutron absorber in the control of nuclear fission.

I translated for you the history about the Spanish milk quality from the El Comidista blog and also the bad news about the fish toxin from El Pais newspaper.  Read more at KitchenVoyage nutrition-food-indsutries.



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