Thursday, 9 June 2011

Antonio Carluccio recipes from Piedmonte

As far I remember when I moved to England and started to cook for myself the name Antonio Carluccio always was on the bookshelf and he used to appear in Sunday magazines and food T.V channels. But unfortunately my real first touch with his food was with the Carluccio´s restaurant chain, I know that in those kind of franchise you can expect  great food but also I wasn’t expecting to have my worst Italian food experience for ages!
Funny enough Carluccio co-starred in  the last BBC show Two Greedy Italians with Gennaro Contaldo in where he launch a complain about how restaurant near to a tourist atracion or in this case a pilgrim point become rich cooking “shit” (his own words), so I think: “ like we was doing something different”, but despite my thinking our Kitchen Voyage critic restaurants keep telling me he had one of his best dinner experience in the old Neal Street Restaurant  Carluccio´s main restaurant and despite some comments I really enjoy the TV series even for moment you were thinking that the two old Italian aren´t going through in their food journey around Italy and despite all the foolish moments and comments of Genarro Contaldo Italian food mentor of Jamie Oliver and in charge of the Jamie Italian (he worked also at Neal Street Restaurant) 
So instead go to the bookshop and buy the book to follow the series I just flick off the dust of my bookshelf and there was the Complete Italian Food book byAntonio Carluccio that also contain most of the recipes show in the series, yep seems like Carluccio’s knows how to make easy money and without innovate too much because the book is just a collection of old Italian ladies recipes, but perhaps in favour of Carluccio he was one of the first to organise and describe all the gastronomic richness of all the region of Italy and tell us in English. So I think I was ready for follow the recipes and tips of Antonio, and for rise more the challenge I concentrate only in Carluccio born province, Piedmont in north Italy, where in a first glance the butter is use sometimes like substitute of the olive-oil and livers and truffles are common ingredients in the piedmontese kitchens. And because he thinks Italian food must be cook in a tasty and quick way I concentrate also in the quickest recipes that he has in the book.


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