Monday, 13 June 2011

Almond Tart

Santiago de Compostela by bernavazqueze
Is not my intention to compare these two almonds tarts, both are great representative of the traditional kitchen of north of Spain and England and for me both tastes just fantastic!

Treacle Tart.

Harry Potter´s Hall Food

Treacle tart together with the Bakewell tart has been a constant treat for the English kids and the whole family easy to get it any bakery and also in most of the British food restaurants.  The tart that started being a simple mix between sugar and honey for helping roman soldiers against snake’s bites has become even more popular because it is Harry Potter favourite food. Treacle tart recipe.

Galician Almond Tart – Tarta de Santiago.

Tarta de Santiago
The origins of this almond tart are not very clear but without doubt their history is linked with the historical pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. Visit the Compostela Cathedral for expressing gratitude or in difficult times like now in Spain asking for help to where Saint James body rest , still the goal of around 130000 pilgrims by year of any part of the world like in medieval times and as always the Tarta de Santiago full of sweetness and the extraordinary food properties of the almonds help to recover those pilgrims who have  been walking thousands of miles to pay visit to Saint James. Tarta de Santiago recipe


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