Thursday, 26 May 2011

New European study about egg consumption

Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Navarra
 The first European investigation about the relationships between egg consumption and cardiovascular risk has proven once again and against the wishes of the meat industry that greater egg consumption is not associated with an increase of the cardiovascular risk.
The University of Navarre has analysed during six years the diet, the style of life and the diseases of 14,185 young adult volunteers,  the participants who consumed four or more eggs of hen per week did not have more risk of undergoing a cardiovascular problem that those that took one a week or less.

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  1. I love eggs. I don't believe eggs are bad at all! But I always go for free range eggs, usually local, from the farmers' market (:
    you can tell the nutritional differences just by comparing the colour of the yolk! fr eggs are a beautiful golden orange, not a pale yellow.

  2. Hi Shu Han, as far I know the bad publicity of the eggs always was promote for the meat industry in the way to promote meat like the only good protein source