Thursday, 10 February 2011

Little Susan Cookies. Carrot Cookies

Little Susan Cookies 

Probably no body outside my family know these carrots cookies with this name. They were very popular after playing with my cousin Steve in our muddy backyard in our winter holidays. The carrots are in season in winter and I remember very well when my mother baked them. Even I remember one rainy afternoon when my older sister tries to emulate my mother and do for us, but the cookies were hard like stones. Lucky enough my sister becomes a strong independent woman without kids to bake cookies, and lucky to us my mother arrived earlier with enough time to make a new dough.  So when a couple days ago was reading the cook book of my aunt was a great surprise to find the Little Susan Cookies, unfortunately was a miss tipping in the ingredients list that I am not notice and my first dough was too sweet and the cookies with similar hard texture than almost 20 years ago. So I´ll call my mother to rescue the Little Susan cookies again and she give me a more accurate recipe that I will show in gram instead of cups because like a beginner I fine hard to measure by cups.  Going to the recipie


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