Thursday, 17 February 2011


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 A large bunch of terms exist to describe all the different types of these crustaceans  (shrimp, langoustine, gambas, kings, tiger, etc.) most of the names also are linked with the bay from the fisherman catch. One things is sure is without matter if they are from, moroccan waters, Dublin way of the catalonia gulf they are very tasty but unfortunately  the food industries transform them in a high content source of calories and fat.  I did my research in Waitrose and I found

Product Name                  kcal       fat
Prawn Cocktail                 198        15g
King prawn chilli mayo    412        40g
Prawns in brine                 51          0,7

Another popular option is a prawn mayo sandwich, I checked in M&S and I found 290 kcal with 10.4g in a 164g packet. Ten grams of fat is about of a 15% of your daily fat recommendation.

So for this reason I will show 2 simple recipes when you can taste all the flavor of the prawns without overpowering additive or dip and where you only will intake around 130 kcal and only 2g of fat by 100g and another more asian prawn recipe created for Bill Granger in his special for Waitrose Kitchen magazine.


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