Monday, 7 November 2011

Cooking celebrity chef recipes on a rainy day (II)

12:00. Lunch time Moorish Kebab (traditional)

Arabian gardens in Cordoba (Spain)
I use:  500g lamb neck fillet (cubed in 2-3 cm) – 3 tbsp dry sherry – 4 tbsp olive oil – 1tsp hot paprika – 1 tsp mild paprika (pimenton dulce) -  ½ tsp ground cumin.

1.       In a bowl combine the olive oil with the spices and sherry. Put in the neck fillet chunks, season with salt and pepper and mix very well. Marinate for at least 2 hours.
2.       Then remove the meat chunks and put them in kebab skewers. Before that check your skewers are the correct size for your pan.
3.       Then spread 1 tbsp of olive oil all over the pan, heat in a medium low heat and when the pan is hot put your lamb skewers in the pan. Don’t overcrowd.  Turning several times until is the side are brown. The cooking time can vary but for medium rare take about 7 minutes in my case.
Moorish Kebab or Pincho moruno in Spanish
This is a typical Spanish Arab culinary legacy dish, easy to find at any tapas bar. Some of them add green pepper or onion to the skewers. The three spices work very well together and are so rich in flavour that you can have it with that strong character wine from Castilla. Even was already a week without almost any meat in my diet I decided to boil some greens beans for greener the dish.


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