Sunday, 27 February 2011


naranjos al atardecer
Photo by silviaN's

Lemons and oranges have very similar history, their origin is not exact but most probably the y came from china or South East Asia, both even they are an ancient fruits they are really hybrids, lemon  is a genetic combination of sour orange and citron and the oranges is another hybrid from grapefruit and mandarin. Early the lemon was attributed with curative properties and the Chinese consider that have an orange trees bring you luck. Step by step these two citrus starts to be more popular in Europe, first introduced for the roman troops, then for Arabs in the Mediterranean (Seville orange) and finely in the middle ages for sailors to Genova and Portuguese to iberic peninsula. And then lemon and oranges went to conquest the Americas where actually are concentrated the bigger production countries.
Well now will have the opportunity to rejoin the 2 citrus with another famous South East Asia source of food. Lemon Chicken or Chicken with oranges is the question. (Click in the links for see the recipes)


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